VIII Euro-Asian Symposium “Trends in Magnetism” (EASTMAG-2022)


Vladimir V. USTINOV     EASTMAG General Chairman
Alexey A. Kalachev      Organizing Committee Chairman
Kev M. Salikhov      Organizing Committee Co-Chairman
Lenar R. Tagirov       Organizing Committee Co-Chairman
Rushana M. Eremina      Program Committee Chairman
Sergey M. Khantimerov      Local Committee Chairman
Dmitry A. Tayurskii      Local Committee Co-Chairman
Marat R. Gafurov       Local Committee Co-Chairman
Sergey M. Akhmin      Publication Committee Chairman
Sufia A. Ziganshina      General Symposium Secretary
Andrey Kamashev      Symposium Secretary
Ivan V. Yatsyk       Symposium Secretary  

We will be glad to see you in Kazan